Welcome! My name is Jade and I’m so grateful you’re here!

I was raised in a multi-cultural environment both at home and at school. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to attend school with children from Korea, Armenia, and Mexico as well as other countries. Many of my friends were immigrants and I was able to learn about customs, foods, histories, and holidays that were new to me.

My maternal great great grandmother was Indigenous Mexican and my paternal grandmother is Native Hawaiian. My father’s family was a part of the Hawaiian renaissance in the 1970s and I loved learning about Hawaiian culture from them.

With many ancestors who immigrated from around the world, my upbringing was very much a fusion of cultures. I was instilled with a great pride for my heritage and wanted to pass that on to my children.

As a family we have moved all around the United States (our children were born in 3 different states). In 2019 we began our next adventure as expats! We now live in the Netherlands and have learned so much in our first year abroad.

All of this has greatly influenced the way we eat and explore. We wanted to share with our children all of these wonderful cultures that make us who we are.

Our family is like an unfinished quilt, made up of fabrics from around the world, which continually expands to include the new people, cultures, and experiences that shape our lives.

We are so grateful for these multi-cultural experiences and recognize that with a love of exploring cultures comes a responsibility to be allies and speak out against racism.


It is important that we expand our understanding of the world and expose our children to different regions of the world whether it is through learning, travel or new foods.

Raising world explorers teaches children to be more understanding to new ideas and compassionate to others around them.


Are you ready to get started? First, read this guide to start raising world explorers and let me know if there are any countries or regions you are dying to explore.

Then, listen to my interview on the Family Home & Culture Podcast about Global Cuisine and Family Mealtime. We talked about the importance of meals and how we can make it more fun for the whole family.


Do you feel like making food for your family is just another hurdle to cross each day and when you do make dinner it’s boring and predictable? Would you love to move beyond chicken nuggets and mac n cheese?

Well, you’re in the right place because I create easy recipes that allow you to explore the amazing flavors of the world AND spend more time together as a family and less time in the kitchen.

As a busy mom of 4 kids I know how overwhelming trying to get food on the table can be. I struggle with depression which can be downright paralyzing when it comes to meal time, but food is not only an essential part of life- it can bring comfort and joy!

If you have really stubborn picky eaters, you may feel like there is no hope. Don’t give up! I’ve got tons of tips to help take your family from boring to exploring.

One of my secrets to success is inviting my children to cook with me.  Having your kids help in the cooking process is a game changer.

I know it can be daunting but check out this tips for cooking with kids to help guide you through getting started.

I hope you can catch the vision of a more exciting meal time!  It really is within your reach.

Happy adventuring!

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