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Irish Culture Virtual Field Trip For Kids

This virtual field trip exploring Irish culture will help your children explore the music, dance, and language of Ireland plus so much more. A wonderful addition to a homeschool unit or as part of a fun global education at home.

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top left: two girls dancing in matching black outfits with a green sash around their waists, top right: the Irish flag waving in the wind, bottom left: cottage pie, bottom right, the Irish harp on a bronze coin

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When you think of Ireland do you think of green and leprechauns? There’s a lot more to Ireland than just that.

Explore the rich heritage of Ireland through this virtual field trip. We will cover the real story of Saint Patrick, learn about the language, music, dance and food of Ireland, and get to discover books about the country and by Irish authors.

A few culture and traditions: https://youtu.be/I5f0gbfNwFQ 

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Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s day has become a celebration of Irish culture, both in Ireland and beyond.  But why?

Saint Patrick is one of 3 patron saints of Ireland. The other patron saints are Saint Brigid and Saint Columba. They are buried together in Downpatrick.

Patron saints are believed to be someone who acts on behalf of God and offers protection or guidance to a specific place or set of people. March 17th is the day Saint Patrick died and it is both a religious and national holiday.

Special Saint Patrick’s day message from Discover Ireland: https://youtu.be/Rf9GsFnMszM




Popular stories and figures in Irish folklore: https://www.irishcentral.com/roots/irish-mythology-stories-figures 

The President’s Cat read aloud: https://youtu.be/-o0AFPiaPPw 

The President’s Glasses read aloud: https://youtu.be/Xhzl_bxM14o 

Rónán and the Mermaid: A Tale of Old Ireland https://amzn.to/3vm3W20 

Partial read aloud: https://youtu.be/DsJrdMlhaoQ 

Fin M’Coul: The Giant of Knockmany Hill: https://amzn.to/3lbASFR

9 books for preschool or elementary kids: https://everyday-reading.com/st-patricks-day-childrens-books/ 


History of the Irish language: https://youtu.be/9U0v9LHgyRY

How to start speaking Irish https://youtu.be/ViGAb66Nsdo 

How to pronounce Irish girl names and their meanings: https://youtu.be/tOQDNSHAZGY 


Riverdance: https://youtu.be/SeFtzfSu0nI

The story of Irish dancing: https://youtu.be/BLPjla4p-BE 

Sesame Street visits an Irish dancing school: https://youtu.be/g29CeZJz3ek 

Note: More appropriate for middle/high school kids due to the news ticker tape at the bottom. Please preview before sharing with younger children.

History of Irish dancing and Sean-nós: https://youtu.be/_lKsfLpwqoc 


Instruments: https://youtu.be/ta-sWn3oAQY 

Monaghan jig on the Celtic harp: https://youtu.be/XFk9gvlYnjY 

Cooney’s Reel by The Ghillies: https://youtu.be/vZI29XaFKJI 

Tír na nÓg by Celtic women: https://youtu.be/dhW1mh7U6-U 

Other famous groups to listen to: 

  • The High Kings
  • The Chieftains
  • Van Morrison

Also, you can find lots of Irish music and playlists available on Spotify


Food and drink in Ireland: https://youtu.be/SrHeJeW8Jlk 

Irish chef reviews stereotypical Irish food: https://youtu.be/IltuT5fqklQ 

Explore Dublin’s unique pastries with Paul Hollywood: https://youtu.be/5yH8dUlXzYM 

How to make Irish stew: https://youtu.be/rB41QE672dc

Making Irish white soda bread: https://youtu.be/p450gWjSKTc 

How to make Irish potato bread: https://youtu.be/qjD4887wkvs 

Rediscovering the Irish kitchen: https://youtu.be/neKOhc6GGZ0 For older kids- a more in depth look

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