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Family Favorite International Cuisines Cookbooks

Add some variety to your meals by adding these cookbooks featuring a variety of international cuisines. These are our family favorites that we come back to time and time again.

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Cookbooks shown: 20 Minute Italian, The Weeknight Mediterranean Kitchen, The Healthy Wok Chinese Cookbook, The Enchantingly Easy Persian Cookbook, Aloha Kitchen, Jubilee, and A Place at the Table

Do you feel like you sometimes get in a mealtime rut and always making the same things? Are you wanting to add more variety to your dinners?

Adding new cookbooks to your collections and having them in a prominent place can help you make dinners more interesting again. When I feel in a rut, I give each of my family members a cookbook and ask them to pick a recipe they would like to try. Then we add them to a list to add into our meal planning!

Want ideas on how to teach your children to be respectful when learning about the cultures of the world? See my guide on how to teach your children to become world explorers for tips and tricks!

Why buy these cookbooks?

One of our goals as a family is to eat a greater variety of cuisines from around the world. Having a big family can make this challenging if we stick to takeout or restaurants, both in costs and overall logistics.

Instead, we’ve been adding cookbooks to our collections that allows us to explore new cuisines from the comfort of home. It allows me to tailor dishes if I need, like for allergy issues or for my picky eaters. Also, I don’t have to stress about picking something off a menu that I’m not entirely sure what is in it.

One benefit I hadn’t anticipated was the additional cultural understanding that I’ve gained by reading through the cookbooks. I enjoyed the glimpses into the authors’ families, their cultures, and their experiences and the connections I felt to their stories. We may have grown up in different environments but many of our experiences were similar.

A few tips when cooking from a new cuisine style

  1. Pick one cuisine to start with and find a recipe that has a main ingredient your family already enjoys like chicken, potatoes, or pasta. Get more tips on introducing international foods to kids here.
  2. Find any unfamiliar ingredients at your grocery store, local international market or online.
  3. Set aside a day when you will have plenty of time to enjoy cooking something new.
  4. Invite your family to help you, even if it’s only for specific steps. I have lots of tips on cooking with kids here.
  5. Make it fun by turning on some music to match your cuisine choice. I’ve got more tips here on making mealtime fun.

Our family favorite international cookbooks

Family Favorite International Cuisines Cookbooks

These cookbooks are the ones that we keep coming back to and are a fabulous way to support chefs from those communities.

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