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Fun Forest Rotterdam Review

Spending a few hours in the Fun Forest Climbpark in Rotterdam at the Kralingse Bos is a fun outing for the family. With a variety of courses to climb there is something for every skill level.

a boy stands on a platform in the trees next to giant hanging letters that spell FunForest

We’ve spent so much time walking around the Kralingse Bos and playing at the beach. When there without fail, our children ask if they can go climb at the Fun Forest Climbpark. 

Over the summer, we finally had a chance to schedule some time for them to climb and they had a blast!

My oldest two children were 8 and 11 at the time although very tall for their age.  I wasn’t sure how much they were going to be allowed to climb but they were ready to enjoy what they could.

a girl rides a zipline through the trees

After watching my children climb for a while, the employees gave them the clearance to climb additional courses which was very exciting. In the time they had available they climbed just about every course, although the later ones were definitely more difficult for them to manage on their own.

There are a variety of obstacles to navigate on each course like swinging platforms, climbing nets, and more. My kids’ favorite part however was riding the ziplines between obstacles.

My favorite part was that I was able to walk around and follow their progress through much of the courses. Then, I could cheer them on and take lots of photos and videos!

At the end, they came down very tired but also incredibly happy. Whenever we walk by, they ask when they can go again which I think is the best review we could give them. Happy repeat customers.

a man in an orange vest and red helmet checks the harness on a boy as a girl puts on her own harness


They did a fantastic job explaining safety protocols and checking to make sure the kids had their harness on correctly and knew how to safely get on and off each course. There are also safety officers that roam the courses to provide help as needed. 

All of the employees that we talked to spoke English very well and took the time to explain things to my kids in both Dutch and English. I appreciated their willingness to do both so my kids could have a chance to work on their Dutch comprehension. 

They have a low to the ground demonstration area where they show the children how to attach their carabiners to the cable and navigate through the obstacles.  Then they have the children demonstrate what they just learned before they are allowed on the course.

At the beginning of each course they hook onto the cable before they begin climbing the ladder up onto the actual course.  There are safety nets under certain obstacles and crash pads at the end of the ziplines.  If someone misses the rope at the end of a zipline, the red helmets can come and drag you to the end. 

a boy navigates swinging platforms in the trees


Who is this good for?

The courses are designed for children who are at least 6 years old and taller than 1.10 m (3.5 feet). More courses are available to children who are taller and some more for children accompanied by an adult.

My 8 year old was very hesitant at first but quickly warmed up after successfully making it through the first course. We did see a couple younger children who got scared up on the course and got stuck.  The employees and parents were able to encourage them to keep going eventually, but they also have the ability to go retrieve children if absolutely necessary.

They also do kid’s birthday parties and there were several going on when we were there. Prices are per person for groups of 6 or more and dependent on how long you want to allow them to climb for.

There is a small climbing course that is free and located off to the left of the climb park.  My children have spent many happy hours there as well and while the others were climbing I took my 3 year old there who was too young to climb.

What do you need to bring?

They have all of the equipment you need. They do ask that you have gloves but if you don’t have any, they do have some that you can buy. To make sure no one walks off with the climbing equipment, they ask you to leave something of value with them. I was able to leave my keys with them.

Wear good shoes and clothing comfortable to move around in.


Prices start at €17 for children 6 years old and 110 cm (3.5 ft) to €25 for adults and children over 150 cm (5 ft) tall.

You can get a 25% discount with the Rotterdam Pass. There is a discount code listed on the Rotterdam Pass page that you can enter at checkout but you must also show the Rotterdam Pass when you check in.

How to get there

The Fun Forest is located on the West side of the Kralingse Bos. Some free parking is available but you will need to walk about ten minutes (400 meters, 0.3 miles) to get to the actual location.

When are they open

The Fun Forest is open from February to November each year. Daily hours vary by day depending on time of year. During the 6 week summer break from mid July through August they generally are open every day.

For more info on their current hours and to reserve times, make sure to visit the Fun Forest Rotterdam website.

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