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Tips for an Easy Date Night In

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Some ideas on how to dress up the dinner table and add store bought sushi and bottled water for an easy date night in.

A plate of sushi on a purple tablecloth with a bottle of water and a container of sushi in the background

Having kids can make it so hard to take time as a couple. Going out can be really expensive once you factor in the costs of a babysitter plus dinner or whatever activity you want to do. For us, now is just a hard time to try and go out because of having a new baby. I can only be away from him for so long before he needs to nurse again. And taking him with us doesn’t really give us the time alone that we would really like and need. So we will often find ways to have a little date night at home. It’s usually not a big deal or very complicated but those date nights in can be just as fun and are often more satisfying because they are so relaxed. Check out this page from Coca-Cola with lots of great easy ideas and delicious pairings.

Containers of sushi, 2 plates with sushi, 2 glasses of water with blue napkins and chopsticks on a purple tablecloth

If we do a date night in and watch a movie I make sure we have some nice sodas and make up some popcorn with some other snacks. It’s still way cheaper than actually going to the movies and I love it because I don’t have to worry about missing any of the movie for a potty break. One of the things we’ve always liked to do is eat out and going out for some sushi has always been a favorite.

Containers of sushi at a sushi counter

Thanks to the Sushi counter at my local Kroger affiliate, Ralph’s, we can still enjoy sushi and have a fabulous and easy date night in. Especially with the kids being home for the summer it’s hard to find the time to plan date night. So I loved that I could go pick up a couple smartwater 1L bottles and some sushi from the sushi counter and now we have that easy date night in.

Bottles of smart water on a store shelf

Even better, you can find an in store coupon while supplies last to save $1 when you purchase sushi and smartwater 1L or Diet Coke 20 oz. Look for the smartwater in the bottled water aisle. My sushi counter was right at the front of our store with the bakery department.

Cloth napkins, chopsticks, china plates, glasses, smartwater, and containers of sushi on a purple tablecloth

I feel like part of the fun of going out to eat is the ambiance. The tablecloth, the nice plates, nice glasses, and for sushi chopsticks! But that’s also really easy to recreate at home. When we do date night’s like this I’ll bust out our nice china that does not get used often enough and the glasses we never use because we have children and they are bound to get broken. I also will pull out the tablecloths we rarely use and put out some nice cloth napkins. Then we have such a different feel to our dining room. Sometimes if I’m feeling really gung ho I’ll put out some candles and light those but that’s not really needed.

plates of sushi on a table with a bottle of smartwater in the forefront

Having the 1L bottle of smartwater was nice to not have to keep getting up to refill our water and it was such an easy pairing with the sushi. Everything tasted so good and it was nice to know it didn’t really take much work to put it all together. We will definitely be doing this again the next time we need an easy date night in.

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  1. Love this idea!! Our fancy china doesn’t get used enough either (just on holidays because I’m worried about it getting broken) but I love the idea of using it for date nights in! And sushi & smartwater sounds amazing!

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