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Fabulous Friday- Apple Crumble Pie


Are you wondering about my pie vents? I just had to write a little note because it made me smile to remember how my husband used to carve my name in my hot dogs when we were dating. So I carved my little note into the pie.

Yesterday was my wonderful husband’s birthday and the kids really wanted to make him an apple pie for his birthday. Thankfully that happens to be one of his favorites so he was okay with that. I busted out my trusty ol’ cookbook I put together with tons of my favorite recipes and looked for the recipe I got from Miss Emily over at One Lovely Life a really long time ago before I started blogging. She did a little pie making class for some of the ladies at our church and it was awesome. I’ve made that pie many times since but hadn’t made it in a while. I had forgotten how amazing it is.

I am awful with pie crusts. My husband reminds me all the time how it’s okay that I’m not good at baking because he prefers the “real food” anyways. He’s sweet but the blogger in me cringes when I try to make anything with pie crust. But I shall prevail and conquer the pie crust…someday. In the meantime this pie crust is really forgiving especially when you double the recipe and keep the crust on the thicker side. Not that I do that or anything. I’m just saying its an option.


This time I did a top and bottom crust per request and vented the pie with that little love note. I’m even more in love with the man I married 7 years ago and am so grateful for who he is to me. Thanks babe and happy birthday!

Apple Crumble Pie- One Lovely Life


  1. Happy Birthday do your hubby & I like the fact that you didn’t do the standard birthday cake. How awesome that you created something that was sentimental, allowed the kids to participate & was delicious. Score!

  2. How cute that he used to carve your name in hot dogs 🙂 I’m not good at making pie crust look good, but I figure if it tastes good, we’re all set!

  3. My family looooooooooove apple crumble
    I love baking all sorts of cakes, but we always come back to apple-crumble. It’s a very “home” desserts.

    1. Apple crumble is such a classic and that crumble topping just makes it feel a little different than the traditional apple pie.

  4. Awww…that’s so sweet and extra special since you made that pie especially for him. Happy B-day to your hubby and have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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