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Slow Cooker Luau Meatloaf

This Slow Cooker Luau Meatloaf is a fun (and healthy twist) on a favorite comfort food. It will quickly become one of your favorite slow cooker meals!

Slow Cooker Luau Meatloaf

I’ve never been a huge fan of meatloaf. I still have those vivid childhood memories of drowning my meatloaf in ketchup to kill the taste. Lol. I don’t really get the aversion since I’m sure I ate many a plain hamburger but for some reason it always seemed so unappealing. My mother in law made something similar to this and that was the first time that I really saw what meatloaf could be. I’ve lightened it up with ground turkey and oatmeal.

Check out the full recipe at It’s A Keeper

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  1. Your recipes are so fun. Thanks, Jade, for all you do to make eating fun, frugal and tasty! Love, G’ma Mc

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