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Thee Lift Me Printable

Free printable- Thee lift me and I lift thee and We’ll ascend together

Free printable- Thee lift me and I lift thee and We'll ascend together

I’m in the process of redoing our bedroom and trying to make it somewhere I actually want to be. For so long our bedroom has been a dumping ground for everything we didn’t want in other rooms. After 9 years of marriage I feel like it’s finally time to grow up and get a big girl room!

You know, one of the greatest pieces of advice we have ever gotten was from a longtime military wife. She told me that the best thing we could do in the army for ourselves would be to make each place we lived feel like a permanent home. We’ve moved 7 times in the last 9 years and we moved twice within 4 months somewhere in there. It’s only been recently as I’ve tried to make our current apartment more homey that I’ve begun to truly understand what she meant.

As I’ve spent the time to actually put some thought into our home design and organization I’ve found I feel so much more comfortable and satisfied in our home. I’ve been replacing our hand-me-down furniture that we received when we got married with better furniture. Some of it’s new hand-me-downs just much better quality and some of it’s pieces I’ve bought.

So now I’m moving on to getting up some real decorations on the wall. This quote is the next addition to our wall. I hope you enjoy this free printable!


What do you do to make your home feel more homey?

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