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Whale Coloring Page

Take some time to de-stress, channel your inner child, and dream of the beautiful ocean with this whale coloring page.

This coloring page will always remind me of when I was returning from a teenage girl’s camp with my church a few years ago. We were coming back from Catalina Island off the coast of Long Beach when we noticed our boat was slowing down.

The captain came over the loud speaker to let us know that a blue whale was crossing in front of our boat and we would be waiting until it was completely clear. It never surfaced but you could see the whale’s giant blue shadow moving in the water next to our boat.

A desk with coloring supplies and a clipboard holding a whale coloring page

(clipboard mockup courtesy of Dawn Nicole Designs)

This is another beautiful coloring page from my sister in law, Katelynn. I love the whimsy of her drawings and I love taking the time to color them. It’s a great way for me to channel my inner artist and do something relaxing.

And my daughter loves coloring pages like this. She’s always drawn to the adult books because they are more intricate so she has been super excited that her aunt has designed these coloring pages.

They are great for road trips for older kids because it keeps them occupied for a longer time than regular coloring pages. Plus it can make a great “gift” to grandparents or other relatives who would gladly display their beautiful whale on the fridge.

Do you have any memories involving whales?

A whale coloring page of a whale swimming under water

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Get the free whale coloring page here

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