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Hot Air Balloon Coloring Page

Beat summer boredom with a beautifully intricate Hot Air Balloon coloring page that is perfect for kids or adults.

I married into a family with some serious skills. My mother in law is an incredible quilter, my sister in law, Devery, is amazing at crochet, and my sister in law, Katelynn, is a crazy good seamstress and artist. It’s been fun to watch everyone’s talents develop over the last decade that I’ve been a part of this family. I asked my sister in law if she would ever be interested in creating some adult style coloring pages for me. Well, she was up to the challenge and has been creating up some amazing coloring pages like this Hot Air Balloon coloring page.
A picture of a hot air balloon coloring page with a free printable banner at the bottom

Not only do I love the details on the Hot Air Balloon itself but I love whimsy of the flying paper cranes! And even though this is slightly more intricate than your regular children’s coloring page my 8 year old loves coloring pages like these. She patiently colors them in and hangs them on the wall.

I think a line of adult coloring pages all colored in could make a really fun art decor whether framed or just temporarily displayed. I’ll be posting new coloring pages throughout the summer so keep checking back for those!

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And if you love this Hot Air Balloon coloring page, will you comment below with some love for my sister in law, Katelynn?

A Hot Air Balloon coloring page on a clipboard on a desk with various coloring supplies around it.


clipboard mock up from Dawn Nicole Designs

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Get the free Hot Air Balloon Coloring page HERE!

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