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My Kitchen Wishlist- Gifts for the Cook (Part 2)

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More fantastic ideas for gifts for people who like to cook!

Are you like me and got some money for Christmas? I sometimes have a hard time thinking of something to buy which is SO silly because there are a million and one things I want to buy. And there are some great deals going on over at Amazon right now.

So I thought it was time to share another kitchen wishlist post to help give you some ideas.

Like Vitamix Blenders on sale for $100 off.

Or this Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener that I bought a few months ago and am loving using. It’s amazing how sharp my knives are now and it is really easy to use. It’s 35% off right now!

My hubby got me this Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender for Christmas a couple years ago and I make myself a smoothie with it most mornings. Plus it’s fantastic for blending soups and sauces in the pot they are in instead of transferring them.

They also have kitchen utensils on sale. I’m so glad I finally got this Microplane Classic Zester/Grater. It is so much better for zesting citruses and grating parmesan than using a big box grater. I don’t know why I waited so long.


A couple years ago my food processor/ blender duo busted and I decided to go ahead and get a large capacity food processor. It makes life so much easier to be able to make things in big batches. I use it to make homemade Larabars or if I need to chop lots of veggies at one time like when I did a freezer meal exchange. This Cuisinart 11-Cup Food Processor is currently $145 and at 57% off that’s a fantastic deal. I paid more than that with a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond for a smaller one so this is a super amazing deal!

We make lots of popcorn in our house and I usually do it in the microwave but it gets tedious when I have to make multiple batches in the microwave. This Cuisinart Hot Air Popcorn Maker
does the same thing and with how often we eat popcorn I think it’s about time I bought one and it’s currently 47% off. I love a good deal!

Okay so this isn’t on sale (right now) but I LOVE this Norpro Pastry Frame with Rolling Pin Cover
. I’ve admitted before my struggles with pie crusts and the pastry mat and roller cover have made such a difference. You can use less flour and not have sticking! Plus it is really easy to clean too!

And be sure to check out Amazon’s PrimePantry! It is so cool that they do groceries now. You fill up a box and it ships for $5.99. So you can mix and match what you need getting great deals along the way without ever having to leave home. I’ve been amazed how hard some basic ingredients are to find at my local grocery stores at good prices or in the sizes I want. I hate having to drive around to 5 or 6 stores trying to find one ingredient I need. That’s usually when I turn to Amazon to see if they have. I’ve bought a 6-pack of unsweetened cocoa plus cleaning supplies and other random things before. I used to buy diapers off Amazon because they were about the same price as getting them at Costco and it was so much easier than having to worry about leaving the house to go to the store and find they didn’t have what I wanted or needed.

Right now they have a great deal on my favorite Tide Original Scent Liquid Laundry Detergent. They already have it at my buy price AND they have a $2 coupon!

There are some things I would NOT buy from the PrimePantry like regular cereal which is easy to find on sale at the grocery store. Check your local stores prices online before you go buying something that you are not sure is a good deal.


  1. What a great wish list! That popcorn maker would definitely come in handy in my house. My daughter eats popcorn like it’s going out of fashion!!

    Thanks for linking up to Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning.

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