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Easy Baked Chimichangas

Use leftover meat to make these Easy Baked Chimichangas for dinner.

Easy Baked Chimichangas

Oh boy I totally forgot that I never shared these from forever ago! They are on next week’s meal plan and are a great use for leftover pork or beef. In fact, the Garlic Balsamic Pork I shared earlier this week would be perfect for these or you can use the Slow Cooker Dr Pepper BBQ pork like I did when I made these originally.

I whipped these up one night out of desperation and was shocked when my kiddos scarfed them down. I made 8 small chimichangas and my kiddos each ate 2 and were begging for more. The simplicity of this dish makes it easy to make with the kiddos too in case you like to involve them in cooking. You can find the Baked Chimichangas recipe at It’s A Keeper.


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