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6+ Books for the Jane Austen Lover

These movies and books for the Jane Austen Lover are sure to please any Jane Austen fan and are perfect for gift giving any time of the year.A stack of books for the Jane Austen lover beside a blue mug

I have always been a voracious reader and time has not changed that. Every year I like to read through everything written by Jane Austen. Although she wrote many novels, it never feels like enough. Over the last few years I’ve discovered some other books written by other Jane Austen lovers that I love that I think are perfect for the Jane Austen lover. So if you love her books you’ll love the ones I have on my list.

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Books for the Jane Austen Lovers

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1. Jane Austen: The Complete Collection– kindle edition (it’s only $1.99!)

We don’t have room in our tiny apartment for all of our books (or really any of our books) so I bought the kindle edition of all of her books. It’s so nice to carry them all with me wherever I go with the kindle app on my phone or when we are traveling using my Kindle Fire.

And I know most of us have read the most popular of her novels like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Persuasion but Jane Austen wrote some other great stories too! There is also Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, and Lady Susan!


2. A Novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman (3 book series)

If you just cannot get enough of Elizabeth and Darcy this series is perfect. Told from Darcy’s point of view you may end up loving him even more after reading this series!


3. Death Comes to Pemberley (movie)

And if you love mysteries and want to watch something other than the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice (also available for free via Amazon Prime Instant Video) or the Keira Knightley version Death Comes to Pemberley is for you. I have to admit that Lydia was my favorite character in this. Her portrayal was too perfect.


4. Georgiana Darcy’s Diary

If that is still not enough for you and you still need more then this book is another fun read. And the kindle edition is FREE! There are 2 more books in the series but I have not read the second or third books yet. If they are as fun as the first one they will be fantastic.


5. George Knightley, Esquire (2 book series)

This is another great series that is told from Knightley’s point of view. It is written by a different author than the Darcy books but it is equally well done. I got this series for Easter and finished it in just a few days and it is now being passed around by my sister-in-laws. It’s now on my to-read every year list!

If you are looking for a version of Emma to watch I happen to really like the 2009 BBC Version of Emma. It’s really faithful to the book which I love! I also enjoy watching the Gwenyth Paltrow version of Emma as well. I mean you really can’t get enough Jane Austen right?


6. Frederick Wentworth, Captain (2 Book series)

Persuasion is one of my favorite of Jane Austen’s books so I really wanted to love this series. Unfortunately I don’t love it but I do like it. I’ve still read it 2-3 times through because I love some of the ways she portrays Captain Wentworth but there were a few aspects I didn’t like of his character in this book.

If you want a film version of Persuasion I love love love this version of Persuasion with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds.

7. Edenbrooke

Obviously this is not a Jane Austen book but I ADORE this book. I read it twice in a row the first time I read it because the first time through was just not enough. It is always hard to put it down. I just recently re-read it and it is still a favorite. And warning you may just love the guy in this book more than Darcy! She also has another book called Blackmoore that is also good although not as good as Edenbrooke was in my mind.

8. If you are looking for some more Regency Romance novels that are part of the Proper Romance genre rather than the rather racy romance novel one of my other favorite authors is Sarah M. Eden.

9. These books are amazing although in a very different way than Jane’s books. These particular ones are a little more real and less idealized than Jane’s books are. However, the stories in them are still wonderful and another great sample from a slightly later time period.

  • The Cranford Novellas– these follow two sisters and their border as they struggle through the challenges of life during the industrial revolution. I love the strong theme of friendship and love throughout the novellas.
  • North and South– another industrial revolution era novel that follows the heorine through the struggles that come from moving to the Northern factory area and her interactions with one of the cotton factory owners.

Both of the above books also have BBC TV series that are wonderful. You can sometimes find them on Netflix and they are always available on Amazon.

Do you have any books you think I should check out? Share them with me in the comments below!




  1. My favourites are ‘Longbourn’ – by J Baker- written from the servants POV. Well written and carefully researched, and PD James’ Death comes to Pemberley. Neither of these are overly sentimental and both use characters who have been largely voiceless in Austin’s originals and both locate the action in a new emotional sphere.

  2. Jade, I need to raid your books again! I recently watched a Death Comes to Pemberly and was taken off guard with how much I loved it. They did an excellent job remaining true to the characters. I want to read Georgiana Darcy’s Diary next!

    1. You’re welcome to come raid my books the next time you visit. You can get Georgiana Darcy’s Diary from Amazon for FREE with the free kindle app. You should go get it.

  3. Have you read All Roads Lead to Austen. An English professor takes a sabbatical traveling to South America to have book clubs in different countries to see if Austen’s very British books “translate” to life in other countries.

    1. I have not read that but that sounds fascinating! I’ll look that one up. Right now I’m working on Jane Austen: Game Theorist which is a totally nerdy economics book exploring how Jane Austen inadvertently uses game theory in her novels. A bit dry but the econ major in me loves it!

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