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Free printable travel games for kids

Keep your children entertained on a car, train, or airplane ride with these fun pen and paper games printable. Perfect for families who love to travel, you can laminate them and use them again and again.

Keeping the kids happy and entertained on a long trip is for me the hardest part of traveling as a family. Although we always bring stuff to entertain them, it’s also nice to have some games that they can play together that don’t require any pieces they can lose.

I got tired of going through lots of paper while traveling by playing games like squares or tic tac toe or needing to draw up the boards repeatedly. So, I thought I would design my own pages that we could laminate or put in a sheet protector and use over and over again.

These are also handy to keep in the car for those unexpected times stuck in traffic or needing to wait for an appointment, etc. We used these on our train ride to Switzerland as well as in the car when we were at Yellowstone.

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What games are included?

My kids offered some other game suggestions that they had found in their book The Dangerous Book for Boys so there are 5 games in total in this set.

The printable games included are:

  • Tic Tac Toe and Super Tic Tac Toe
  • Guess That Word
  • Squares
  • 4 In A Row
  • Battleship

I’ve also included instructions on each game just in case you or your children are unfamiliar with the games.

What ages are these games good for?

I tried to include games that would be suitable for a range of ages and skill levels. The Tic Tac Toe, Squares, and 4 In A Row are simpler games suitable for preschool to early elementary. Guess That Word and Battleship will be more suitable for slightly older children.

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How to use the printable?

Print off the games either in color or in black and white, your preference. Then you can choose to either laminate them and keep them loose or place them in a sheet protector and keep them together in a binder or folder.

I’ve done both and either way works but when we travel each child gets a little travel folder for themselves. That way there is no arguing over who gets to play what games, with whom, and when.

Each child gets a set of two dry erase markers that are different colors in their travel folder. You need two different colors for some of the games like Squares and 4 In A Row and they can also be helpful for keeping things straight in Tic Tac Toe and Battleship.

What supplies do you need?

You will need just a few basic supplies for these games which hopefully you already have most of them or can easily find anything you don’t have.

Supplies needed:


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