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Easy No Bake Pie Recipes

Are you craving something sweet but don’t want to have to turn on the oven? Choose from one of these amazing easy no bake pies to satisfy your sweet tooth that won’t keep you nice and cool this summer. These are perfect whether you want to make a pie just for yourself (totally not judging) or need an easy dessert to take to a potluck or party.

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When summer comes it often feels too hot to do any cooking. This is when I bust out the grill recipes, the stove top dinners, pressure cooker or slow cooker dinner recipes to keep us fed.

Having a sweet no bake pie waiting for us at the end of a good meal just makes it that much better.

Top Tips for cooking with kids

No bake desserts are an ideal starting point for beginning bakers. In general, there are a minimum of cooking skills and tools required.

With no need for an oven or usually even a stove top, even younger bakers can help from start to finish.

Some general tools that are really handy when making no bake desserts:

  • Many no bake recipes involve crushing cookies or crackers for the base. A food processor is very handy and kids love watching the “magic” as whole ingredients go in and handfuls of crushed ones come out.
  • If you don’t have a food processor, you can place the ingredients to be crushed in a Ziploc bag, push out all of the air, and give them a rolling pin or a tin can to bash, roll, and crush to their hearts content. Doing this in a cookie sheet can help contain any accidental spillage that can occur from over eager helpers.
  • Often no bake pies use whipped cream or cream cheese as a base. Stand mixers make quick work of whipping up fresh cream or beating that cream cheese till its fluffy.
  • A hand mixer also works but make sure to keep the mixer unplugged while you attach the whisks to the mixer that way no little (or big) fingers get caught. And yes, I do happen to know this from experience.

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Easy No Bake Pies

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There are so many incredible choices ranging from chocolate and peanut butter to a wide range of fruit flavors. Some are mini treats handy for lots of little hands or a family style large pan of cool creamy treats!

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